Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you didn't already love Ezra Levant like the eighth brother you never had,

you will now.

Stop (motion) in the name of freedom!


  1. Ezra's comments were bang on (and hilarious), as usual. As for the Lego video--kudos to Masters Beazly the Elder and Younger. Well done, lads! Kung fu chop to tyrrany indeed! (or was Miss Beazly involved in this one as well?)

  2. I believe this was an early group effort, the authors of which agreed to let me adapt the closing credits in the interests of free expression. It can also stand as a lesson for anyone offended by the song: call the cops when someone is attacking you, not when you hear "Kung Fu Fighting". (This version doesn't even have the same 'racist' lyrics as the original, but I wasn't about to re-score the entire feature.)