Saturday, April 2, 2011

"How one man's actions in Florida sparked a mass killing in Afghanistan"

Lisa LaFlamme's words on last night's CTV newscast. Some guy burns a book, barbarians kill a dozen people over it. What is the answer? LaFlamme wonders if America can figure out how to "clamp down on this behavior" - the guy setting a match to a book, that is.  Because that's who "set off" the massacre; that's who's responsible for the barbarians having been "driven to violence", rather than continuing with their "peaceful protest."

Those are all phrases you will hear in this report, which is a sterling example of what Mark Steyn is talking about here:

What core liberties are you willing to trade for a quiet life? Because however much of the baggage you toss out the balloon, it will never be enough. Short of punitive military measures we’re not willing to take, there’s not a lot we can do about baying Afghan mobs hot for decapitating people because someone expressed an opinion. But we could at least put some clear blue water between our legal inheritance and theirs by not dragging people into Australian, Dutch, Austrian and Danish courts for the same “crime”.


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  1. I hope all the left-lib types are ready and willing to give up their adult entertainment (film, TV, books), their extra-marital sexual activities, inclusing certain sexual proclivities, their immodest attire (meaning any garment less revealing than a burqa), their popular music (meaning ANY music), their bacon and ham...cuz it's ALL offensive to the barbarians. What liberties indeed, core or otherwise? It's stunning that the media here thinks the Florida pastor is the one who needs to be stopped.