Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Sun News is now over a week old. What do you think of it, DOH readers? So far I've only seen clips; I can't say whether it's living up to its supposed reputation as "Fox News North" because aside from a few brief clips I haven't seen much Fox News, either.   I still use rabbit ears, so if a channel doesn't come free out of the sky...or subsidized by my tax dollars out of the sky...I can't watch it on my TV. Incidentally, did you know that manufacturers no longer provide a special little socket on the top of your TV for holding rabbit ears? Here's what I think of the guy who did away with that cutting edge innovation:

 I already spend enough time every day hearing insistent voices telling terrible truths, and that's when everything in the house is turned off.  But Sun News seems quite intriguing so far. It may just bring me back to the world of cable/satellite TV. Say, wouldn't it be great if Steyn had a show?


  1. I haven't seen much FOX, but from what I have seen (of both channels), I think the comparison is invalid. SUN is much more polite and balanced (hey, it's Canadian). They interview lots of peole with whom they do not necessarily agree, and the interchange is invariably mutually respectful. Someone called SUN "Mr. Harper's channel" and I don't think that's accurate either. I have heard Harper criticized on SUN.

    And yes, Mark Steyn should have his own TV show.

  2. I think suntv is a wonderful breath of fresh air after the stifling dark closet CBC has been keeping us in, but I’m not sure it’s going to change anything. As somebody pointed out to me, only the people who already agree with SUNTV’s values are going to watch it. Anybody who doesn't agree will change the channel and live on as they did before.

  3. Well at least conservatives in Canada have one more place in TV land to hang their hats, and that's always a good thing.