Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cleanup in the Education Aisle

When people learn that I home school my children, they often express surprise that Ontario does not "oversee" home educators. However, I have always thought that notifying Ontario Education that I am home schooling would make just as much sense as notifying Wal-Mart that I intend to shop at The Bay. The government provides a product in which I am not interested; I see no reason why I should account for not using it.

Here is another who thinks about education in a similar way.

h/t Sobering Thoughts

Mrs. Pinkerton weighs in: Isn't it ironic that ever since schools stopped "failing" children, it's done nothing but?

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  1. "Grocery School" --too true! How delusional we silly parents and taxpayers are. Break the State Monopoly! Break the teachers' unions. DEFUND THE CBC!