Sunday, April 3, 2011

John Robson on...well, does it matter?

I think we have to make a category for John Robson columns, just like we have for Messrs. Steyn, Shea and Warren. How about,  "Robson's Reason" or "Rippin' Robson" or "You Said a Mouthful, J.R.!"

Here's his latest.

As for the Tories, I actually took the infamous CBC poll and they said I was closest to them. But when I looked around, the Conservative party was nowhere near me. I got this seal of grave disapproval from the public broadcaster by being pro-life, seriously pro-military and against big-spending high-taxing governments. If Stephen Harper took the poll giving answers honestly drawn from the actual performance and platform of his party, he wouldn’t get that result, I can tell you.

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  1. Bang on. And yes, J.R. should have his own label. You can choose it, Mrs. B!