Monday, April 11, 2011

Reason #394854737939498548 to vacation in Canada

Five-year-old Edmonton girl dies in Bahamas resort.

[An Amercian] Toni Randall — who happens to be a registered nurse — says she was trying to attend to the girl but was muscled out of the way by hotel staff.“I’m sure they had basic training,” she says. “But they never even checked to see if she had a heartbeat.”Even though a doctor and a trauma nurse were at the scene, Randall says they were told to get out of the way. “They proceeded to do CPR, which caused her to aspirate or vomit,” she says. “I told them she has a pulse, don’t do CPR, but they didn’t listen.”
Randall has been a nurse for two years and keeps her nursing certification with her at all times.
“They were saying it wasn’t valid and I didn’t know the laws there,” she says. “I didn’t understand, a trained professional should be a trained professional.”
The girl’s frantic parents yelled at the staff to let the doctor and the nurse work on their little girl."They kept saying, ‘Let them work on her!’ But they wouldn’t.” It took an ambulance 30 minutes to arrive at the scene, and Randall says they weren’t prepared either.

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