Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update re: Ontario sex ed program: parents win latest round.

So says Brian Lilley at Mercator, but some "educational experts" are not happy about it.
Ahem... homeschooling parents DO 'get a say' about when certain math topics are introduced, as well as Language Arts topics, and History topics, and Science topics, and Current Events topics, and so on and so on. That is as it should be. There is a simple solution to all the problems with the public (and Catholic and private) educational system: break the teachers' unions/state monopoly and provide parents with a voucher system. It's all about choice after all, isn't it? Aren't all the teachers' unions pro-choice?
Ms. Schroeder says she was excited about the changes, that is, until parents pushed back and forced the premier to stop the curriculum revision, then she was downright disappointed. "Then when I saw they changed their minds, I thought: Oh great, why don't you just move down here. That's what we do in the States, kow-tow to parents groups and religious leaders instead of sticking our feet in the ground and saying ‘We are the educational experts.'"
While Dombrowsky now sees the value in allowing parents to have a say, Schroeder remains upset, saying that parents don't get a say in when certain math topics are introduced, why should they have a say when it comes to sexual education? The answer to that is obvious. Because while we all agree that in math class two plus two is four, we don't all agree on what one plus one should mean, or do, when it comes to intimacy and sexuality. And when there is doubt, parents, not the so-called experts, should have the final say.

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