Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why do the Vikings have Scottish accents?

   We celebrated Victoria Day by getting out of the heat and taking in a movie. How to Train Your Dragon is still in the first run theaters, though no longer in 3-D at our local cinema. I'm with Ebert when it comes to 3-D -  it doesn't seem to add anything to my movie experience except the annoyance of a second pair of glasses.
   I'll give this film a six out of ten. There are plenty of good action sequences, but not so many laughs. My kids chuckled a little more than I did, but it was not nearly as funny as, say Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - a film which more adeptly explores many of the same themes. The main dragon character manages to be cute and threatening all at the same time, but they could have expended a little more energy on making the human characters into characters instead of cliches. (Still, I am glad that Andy of Toy Story fame is getting other roles even though he's no longer a cute little boy.)


  1. What is this "heat" of which you speak? In my part of the planet, it has been about +2 degrees C, windy and rainy for all of May and (so far) June.