Saturday, July 31, 2010

How much is one teaspoon divided by 30 million?

And here I thought it was my job to decide how much salt I eat.
Here's the money quote:

Concern is also mounting about the federal government’s commitment to the plan, which would require significant money, time and energy over many years.

I'll say - can you imagine how many salt shakers there are in this country? All their hard work of getting the sodium out of the deliciously salty bacon double cheeseburger will be for nothing if we just come home and down a couple of shakers, as your average non-governmentally-supervised Canadian is apt to do. Our nation's salt cellars must be fitted with some kind of meter...and it'll have to be highly adjustable since salt shakers come in so many fun shapes. Maybe they could tax salt the way they do cigarettes. I can hear our beneficent caregiver, Nanny McFee, rumbling toward the nursery now.

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  1. Whenever an article begins with the words: "A federal task force has delivered a plan..." be sure to RUN AWAY SCREAMING! (Since a complete tax revolt is not an option.)

    We are SOOOOOOO beyond satire. There's a freakin' "federally appointed Sodium Working Group"??? Double plus good.