Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm shocked - shocked, I tell you!

I took a trip to my local Chapters today and saw a wall display which was entitled, "The World Needs More Canada". There were some books about Trudeau, and some about canoeing, and some about Trudeau canoeing, but not a single volume by Mark Steyn.

I know! I can't believe it either.

UPDATE: Welcome Steyn readers! And thanks for the link, Mr. Steyn.


  1. Here's to you, Mrs Beazly!
    (A Steyn reader)

  2. Thank you, Anonymous. As you can see, comments here are few and far between so we're always glad when we hear from a happy reader.

  3. Mrs. B, did you complain to the Chapters manager about the lack of Steyn? The customer is always right.

  4. It didn't occur to me to complain...until I got home and started writing on our blog. I'll be going directly to the Steyn Store for his next book anyway.