Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's play "Definition".

Some of the same people who think "marriage" or "personhood" are open to endless debate are suddenly very rigid when it comes to the term "feminist".  Apparently it has an iron-clad definition in perpetuity and throughout the universe.

Andrea Mrozek has drawn a pretty accurate picture of certain public figures who claim to be the only authentic feminists. Except she forgot "humorless".


  1. I liked Mark Shea's link (and light bulb joke. And to that, I would add, "How many feminists does it take to write a review of Toy Story 3?" Did you notice it was co-written by two womyn?

    What's up with that? Can't fembots think for themselves? You need a friend to go to the bathroom with you, AND write your reviews?
    And I loved this line: "The long-standing US feminist magazine Ms has accused the film of "careless sexism", with the writer Natalie Wilson arguing that the film may damage children."

    I guess if anyone on the planet would know about damaging children, it's feminists.

  2. Indeed - abortion, A-O.K.! Taking your kids to TS3 - too damaging!