Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something tells me this family has issues...

that go FAR beyond haggling over the remote control.
A South African man who wanted to watch a World Cup match instead of a religious program was beaten to death by his family in the northeastern part of the country, police said Thursday. [...]
Makoeya got up to change the channel by hand after being refused the remote control and was attacked by his 68-year-old wife Francina and two children, 36-year-old son Collin and 23-year-old daughter Lebogang. Malefo said he was not sure what the family used to kill Makoeya.
"It appears they banged his head against the wall," Malefo said.
You know the moral of the story, of course: RELIGION IS EVIL. Note that the murderous melee was started because of a "gospel show." Oy vay.

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