Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You felt it here first.

When it comes to natural disasters, I could not stand to be outdone by my western relatives. I'll see your washout
 and raise you an EARTHQUAKE!

Dramatic photos? Uhhhh....okay. See these dishes?
They were rattling like crazy!

Ottawa's last big quake came in February of 2006. That night I was sitting on my couch and felt the wall rumbling behind me. At first I thought it was a very large truck going by.

"Probably the furnace starting up," Mr. Beazly remarked. (We do have a very noisy furnace.) He changed his mind when the "furnace" continued to rattle the windowpanes and our walls for the next 30 seconds.

When it was all over, all I could say to him was, "Good thing you're not a seismologist. Or a furnace repairman."


  1. So no dishes were broken in the quaking? That still must have been surreal. You just don't associate Canada with earthquakes.

    As for flooding, all the drama is in the south of Sask. We haven't had any here, just a LOT of mosquitoes. They are a natural disaster too, though, let me tell you.

  2. No dishes broken. Power out for about half an hour, but that was our only hardship.