Saturday, February 21, 2015

As I was saying... Procrastination

Not the forehead of the author, 
who was regrettably too sick to attend Ash Wednesday Mass

Oh my. There are lots of reasons why I haven't been blogging much... well, at all. But some things are just better kept inside, or in the confessional, or at the therapist's, at least for the time being. (Just kidding about the therapist... not that there's anything wrong with seeing one.) Actually, I was seeing a therapist for a while-- a physiotherapist, for my ruined knees (thanks, volleyball and badminton! I love you dearly, but you wreck people's joints), but I had to stop seeing him, because I didn't have time, due to a bunch of other challenges in my life, which I can't talk about (yet) because they involve other people, who have a right to privacy.

It's also hard to blog about funny stuff (or crow about vintage kitchen finds from Value Village) when people on the other side of the planet are being decapitated by Random Lone Wolf Mentally Ill Marginalized Underemployed Violent Extremists of No Particular Religion, simply for being Christian  Egyptian "citizens". I'm rambling.

We were talking about procrastination, which I am really horrible at combatting. That and laziness, which make for a pretty deadly combination, because it does things like prevent you from telling friends how much the friendship means/has meant to you, and then they die and things like that. Thank goodness for heaven (if I get there), where I may get another chance.

So here it is, the 4th day of Lent, and I'm only now getting around to thinking about what I should "do" to observe it.  I know you are not supposed to brag about your mortifications, but this is not really bragging so much as informing. And sometimes by telling other people what you are doing (or giving up), it helps or inspires them. Or not. But for starters, I have decided to give up Not Blogging for Lent. I hope that helps a bit with both the laziness and the procrastination.


  1. So glad you decided to give up Not Blogging for Lent. I really miss your clever wit. Where has the time gone? Where has your phone number gone? Please give up NOT CHATTING with my FRIEND for Lent too. I miss you. VW

    1. Ha ha, thanks for commenting, Anonymous! I mean really, THANKS. We'll have to rectify that not chatting business soon.