Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost as good as a Fun Pass

Take a trip to Caine's Arcade. 


h/t SDA


  1. This is kind of sad. Instead of encouraging Caine's entrepreneurial spirit of can-do "individual achievement", people should be helping him channel his energies into identifyng with a victimhood lobby. He seems to want to become (heaven forfend) a small businessman, when he should really aspire to be a government-funded community organizer!

    Heh. Go Caine! Live long and prosper!

    I'm actually surprised that some California bureacracy didn't intervene to shut him down for not being in compliance with something or other...

  2. As I was watching the video I did wonder fleetingly how these people had evaded the bureaucrats, but I soon forgot about that and just felt happy.

  3. Yes, how rare to have a feel-good story! Where a bunch of folks came out and made a little boy's day, just because.

  4. What an ingenious young fellow and what a nice surprise for him! Thanks for sharing that Mrs. Beasly.