Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mess with God's plan

And all hell seems to break loose. Coincidence? I think not.

Nadya Suleman will do anything for her octuplets, but now she admits it was a mistake to have them.


The mother of 14, who recently posed nude to earn rent money for her family, has revealed she thinks it was a bad decision to undergo fertility treatments after already having six babies.

Gee, ya think??



  1. Yikes. I just can't imagine how attractive that would be. You've had 14 kids and you're posing nude? No offense to mothers of large families, but after only 3 kids, even I avoid the mirror when getting into the shower.

  2. And even if she WAS attractive (I'm not about to go searching online to find out), shouldn't nudity should be reserved exclusively for... oh, never mind. We're talking about someone who seems to have difficulty making prudent decisions. If she's that desperate for rent money, maybe the reality show bonanza didn't pan out after all? Really really sad on multiple levels (no pun intended).