Saturday, April 14, 2012


Time to sit down. Today, I baked over 9 dozen buns (111 to be exact; I dunno, it's just the way it worked out); made 2 gal. (8 litres) of homemade turkey stock-- which also involved handpicking the salvagable meat off three turkery carcasses, two of which had been in the freezer since Christmas. I think dealing with turkey carcasses is on my top ten list of Mom-things I don't like doing, right up there with cleaning up barf, but you've gotta do it; you can't let all that good meat go to waste (I speak of course, of the turkey, not the barf); washed 8 gazillion dishes (mother of 7, no dishwasher: cue violin), cooked dinner (ok, it was a frozen pizza; sue me. The alternative was to eat buns). I also did a bit of blogging (a girl's gotta have a break now and then), some Sacramental prep with my 7-year-old (Big Day next Wednesday) and lastly, cut my husband's hair (he shaved his winter beard--yay! Now he looks like Hugh Jackman again, and not Charlton Heston --as Moses)

Oh, and I really miss the eldest Miss Pinkerton. Since she moved out, we hardly have any hard liquor left. Who knew all those bottles were hers?


  1. I'll need some hair-cutting lessons, because my hubby doesn't look like Hugh Jackman when I'm done...