Monday, April 23, 2012

Pure Steyn

Raising awareness is a waste of time. Raising awareness is some mumbo jumbo term that allows people the pose of compassion, rather than actually doing anything. And that’s all it’s about now. Earth Day’s a waste of time. Pink Shirt Day is a waste of time. Pink Earth Day is a waste of time. Earth Shirt Day is a waste of time. They’re all a waste of time,” he said.
So I don't feel bad for missing Earth Day. Though we did sort of observe it by spending part of the evening outside in nature --our backyard-- and having the first log-burning firepit marshmallow roast of the season (Oops! I guess that caused some carbon emissions) in between watching playoff hockey on our big screen TV. If it helps, my awareness was raised that we were running short of vodka coolers.

I do, however, feel very bad for missing Steynamite.

Here he is with Ezra.

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