Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meeting of Canadian Catholic bloggers and bishops?

Why not? Fr. Z. suggests it in the U.S. And don't our bishops like dialogue and seeking common ground and common cause? Of course they do!

As I mentioned in the comments on Deborah's site, it would be well worth a plane ticket to Ottawa or Tornoto. (I have no illusions about such a meeting being held in the west.) Wait, what am I saying? Neither should I have any illusions about getting invited to such a meeting. Oh well, DOH could pray for its success...

h/t Deborah G.


  1. It's a great idea! The Vatican has already met with bloggers; surely they are a good guide? And, the New Evangelization issues a challenge to us all to make use of new technologies to bring the Gospel to all, and to encourage all Catholics. Cyberspace is our new mission field.

    Not to mention, I'd really like to meet the writers I've been reading.

  2. Yes to all that. It continues to amaze me that I discover brilliant sites, blogs, and writers every day. It would be so cool to finally put real faces to those URLs. If the bishops don't want to host (or even co-host) a meeting, maybe we could just have a blogger convention and try to get a bishop or two to attend...

  3. I hope we have a blogmeet in conjunction with the National March for Life May 10 in Ottawa. Even if we find a corner on the Hill for a photo or something. Also, there may be a blogmeet ----in a pub somewhere---after Michael Voris's talk in Ottawa in late May. May 26 I think.


  4. Frantically googling seat sales for May...