Monday, April 2, 2012

Why do I hate thee? Let me count the ways, CBC...

Brain Lilley, who is lucky enough to be on the CBC's enemies list. Yes, they have one. I added the red.

Isn’t that wonderful, the CBC paid for a study [with my tax dollars] on how great they are and then released it exclusively to a reporter from another news outlet, who is also paid by them [with my tax dollars], to write a story about the wonders of the state broadcaster.
We are well beyond the days of The Friendly Giant.


Mybad. Forgot the hat tip: SCCB


  1. The Friendly Giant was awesome. And he originated in Wisconsin, so maybe we should send some of the CBC's budget there.

  2. My word. I think Mr. Dressup was originally from the U.S. too. There goes the Canadian culture meme. (or maybe Mr. Rogers was Canadian? Or both?) The only thing I'm perfectly clear on is not wanting the CBC to spend tax dollars thwarting citizens' access to information, or funding self-congratulatory studies. Sheesh.

  3. Did you catch last night's CBC news segment, "The Legacy of 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'"? I had the misfortune to flip by it a couple of times on my way around the dial, so a couple of seconds of self-congratulatory navel gazing accidentally seeped into my living room.

  4. I don't want anything from the CBC's navel seeping into my living room. I never ever ever ever watch it. Sometimes the Misses P. and Mr. P. watch hockey, but that's. It.

    Oh, and I'm just taking a wild guess, but I think LMOTP's "legacy" was pre-approved, pre-packaged, pre-ordained, and pre-paid for with my tax dollars. We don't need the CBC to teach us about the joys of state-mandated multiculturalism; we have internet news websites.