Monday, April 30, 2012

Still blaming that other guy

Some friends and I had a lively exchange on Facebook the other day (half of which was subsequently deleted for sheer irrelevence and occasional creepiness). I had posted some legitimate and indeed very clever political satire (alas, it was borrowed, not my own brainchild). To wit:

And an overly sensitive Obama supporter went all Palin-Bushes(yes, both)-Cheney-Reagan (yes! Reagan! 3 decades after the fact!) over it. I thought this was very funny and a little pathetic. After all, it's 2012; Obama has had FOUR years. It's time to stand or fall on his own record, but no. People are still making excuses for the guy--in public! Bill Clinton makes a speech and blames, well, ...who else? for the crappy state of the current U.S. economy:
In fact, Clinton said that if Obama wasn’t handed a bad economy and was able to institute his hope and change agenda, “we’d be roaring.”
So Bush not only handed Obama a bad economy (true enough), but the bad karma he left behind made Barack 'unable' (cue violins) to institute Hope n' Change. Is there no evil that Dubya cannot do, even when he's out of office?

Update: just had to put in some more illustrations...

And then of course this one, which is too funny for words, 
of the recently fired Keith Olbermann. 



  1. If that be the case, then Bush the Younger has more power and influence than the current Prez does. Perhaps they should recall GWB in order to get something done, at long last?

  2. I wish I could find that poster of George W. I saw online not long ago. He had a sweet smile and the caption read: "Miss me yet?" I think I'll go google it.