Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"What do you have against Earth Hour?"

Someone asked me the other day. This guy (commenter on SDA) can answer for me:
A few years past on this night, I found myself visiting my socialist parents in Regina. My parents were all in a flutter shutting electrical devices off, even their beloved CBC went silent. They lit a candle.
Then, they gathered at the front door, and peered out the window as they counted off their neighbors who weren't participating, and those that were showing their environmental concern "on their sleeve" as they say...
Their chatter was mostly centered on this, who was in the club of concerned caring citizens, those that were outside their circle of trust, those folks that didn't care how high the oceans would rise... or what became of their way of life as the topsoil blew away in the next drought.
big sigh. ... Why don't those people c_a_r_e? They're probably Saskatchewan Party supporters.
Meanwhile, dad drives his large Buick, there's 2 refrigerators in the house for 2 senior people, another in the garage, the insulation has never been upgraded from R-12, nor the simple dual pane windows since 1966 as [they're] not broken and the wood frames look nice.

Stupid, meaningless, empty, idolatrous gesture.

Then there's always this (courtesy BCF): "Fighting climate change is now about big business and big politics." Fancy that! Global Warm-mongers are now The Man. 

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