Monday, April 2, 2012

Halfway through Righteous Indignation

Update: I've reworded my post because in the light of day, and with a little help from my friends, I have concluded it contained flippant if not disrespectful language.

I'm currently reading Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart. History, politics, media, Hollywood, nuttiness, sex, culture wars: what's not to like? I'm enjoying the book and learning a lot. In fact due to a sore back and a need for lying down on a heating pad, it can fairly be said that I've spent more time in convivial relaxation with Andrew Breitbart (may he Rest In Peace) in the last week than I have with my husband. But we all know who my real literary non-fiction boyfriend is. When Mr. P saw the book on my bedside table, he said, "How is it?"
I replied, "It's good. But he's not as good a writer as Mark Steyn."
Mr. P (snorting): "Who is?"


  1. Save for my favourite fiction authors, I'd have to agree. Let's hear it for Mark Steyn, the ultimate blood pressure-raising writer!

  2. Yes, I thought Mr. P's comment was telling (and quite funny), because he almost NEVER comments on anything I read.