Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear dumb old American housewives

And Canadians too, for the U.S. election impacts us more than we know...

It is a comfort and an inspiration to know that the party of Barack Obama thinks we are all totally useless and stupid. I hope the stay-home housewife vote helps kick his arrogant delusional skinny arse out of the White House come November.

Scroll down at the link to see more on the Dem's War on Moms. This one is really rich:

"Obama: We Didn't Have the Luxury for Michelle Not to Work" (this when he was "teaching" or whatever-- and pulling in over $160K) I hope I can convince Mr. P. to give up crop research and go into community organizing, or constitutional law (since he probably knows more than the Big 0 does on that topic). And I should give up homemaking and become a diversity coordinator, like MO. Who knew that could be worth over $300K a year?

The inimitable Pundette weighs in on how the Obamas managed to survive on over $400K a year:
Suffice it to say the Obamas clung bitterly to their lucrative sinecures and personal chef. But they were crying inside all the while, so that makes it admirable.
It turns out that Michelle Obama is so brilliant, that the ultra-boring job of staying home with her children made her physically ill.

Come to think of it, I am beginning to feel that way too. But not because of my children.


  1. Useless and stupid sisters unite!! If only my dear husband weren't so busy leaving home on deployment defending America as a military man, I could have acquired $300K in debt becoming a constitutional law expert or some sort of consultant and let someone else worry about my kids' development. I just hope I don't have so much air between my ears that I can't find my way to the ballot box come November.

  2. Well said! Here's praying that your husband comes home safely from his latest tour. And for the restoration of America.

  3. Glad to see I'm not the only DOH who thinks "arse" is a useable word...