Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I sent this in so long ago

That I had almost forgotten about it. Which means they must be absolutely snowed under with submissions. Which is great. Homeschool Ryan Gosling. 

I'm definitely guilty of this one, even though I didn't make it up. 


  1. Double plus good on ya, Mrs. P.! I saw this at their site the day before yesterday, and it was the first one to make me laugh out loud. I immediately thought, "I should post that one to DOH because Mrs. P. would get a real kick out of that." Even though I was too unobservant to notice YOUR NAME at the bottom of the picture, I certainly should have known it came from your fertile brain in the first place. Nicely done!

  2. Ha ha. Mrs. Jones emailed me exactly the same sentiments. She thought to herself, "There is someone else out there like Mrs. P" and then she saw that I'd submitted it. What a small world. And how few brains there are in it, that some of us have to share. I think I'm going to post a photo of my jars and jars of math manipulatives.

  3. Good idea Mrs. P.