Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So many scathingly brilliant writers and pundits, so little time

Two words: Janet Albrechtsen. Unfortunately, the linked entries are, while excellent, "older"--as in, years (unless there is a more recent blog that I haven't found yet.)  Most of her columns are behind The Australian's paywall.
Those who forensically challenge the orthodoxy by checking primary sources are denounced. Here, in one room, is a neat exhibit of the Left’s addiction to emotion, feel-good symbolism and an infantile rejection of facts as heresy.
I first saw her here, so I guess I have Mark Steyn to thank.


  1. Have you seen her?
    She is Ann Coulter with glasses!

  2. ....maybe not as angry-unhinged as Coulter.

  3. I've only seen JA on video, as she's never been to Canada (that I know of). And if she did come to Canada, I probably couldn't go see her. How well you know that we non-feminist homeschooling mothers are not let off our tethers very often.