Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dare I steal SDA's heading?

Not waiting for the asteroid...

Mainstream media does it again. Making a "news" story out of well, nothing. In fact: Hillary Clinton drinking a beer from a bottle... and going to a club in Colombia for half an hour!
London's Telegraph latched onto the photos, too. "Is Hillary Clinton becoming an embarrassment as Secretary of State?" the paper's Niles Gardner asked in a blog post.
Well, maybe she is an embarrassment, but not for this. In fact Hillary may have gone up half a notch in my estimation for having once taken part in a vodka-drinking contest with Sen. John McCain.

At any rate, I smell a double standard. Can one even hope to compare Mrs. Clinton's extracurricular activities with those of her "husband"?

If only the MSM would report the actual news.

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