Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video Hits

I've seen some funny videos in the last few days, via Mark Shea and Pat Madrid. (Thank you to loyal reader Ted Blurn for sending in the latter. How's Home Ec. going?) Here they are, for your enjoyment.

This one is dedicated to all lovers of LOTR and haters of soccer:

I've never been to a megachurch but I thought these were pretty funny:

One commenter at Patrick Madrid's blog mentioned how funny it would be to send up some of the zany "liturgies" some progressive Catholic churches come up with, but another quickly pointed out that many of them are beyond satire. Having experienced a "homily" which consisted of the priest slapping a ghetto blaster down on the pulpit and turning on an ABBA song, I must agree.


  1. Aww, video 2 is gone! The others were good though. And it's true: you can't satirize a Catholic "mass" where the "gathering song" is accompanied by giant puppets doing liturgical dance. Yes. I'll post the link when I can track it down.

  2. Saw the puppets. In a word, awesome. I've contacted the Arch here to see how big we can make them.

    I met Steve Rey last night.

    I've also been watching Hillsong Sunday mornings and have enjoyed the music. Especially the gal who keeps ripping off Carpenter melodies. Then again, Jesus was a carpenter so maybe it's ok.