Monday, March 1, 2010

Did it enjoy a leisurely cigarette too?

"Canada wakes up after Games climax at ease with itself."


Sure, the Games (and the last hockey match in particular) were exciting. Sure, I watched it all on TV. Sure, I'm glad all over that Canada won so many gold medals. But I have no illusions about this changing the country "forever." What twaddle.
If Canada can't have lasting national pride (and it doesn't) in having helped the Allies win World War II, then hosting a winter games and garnering a bucketful of medals isn't going to have any long-term impact.


  1. Over the five years I have been visiting and living in Nova Scotia, I have detected a slow change in the attitude/outlook of you lovely people which I don't think is just down to my getting used to you. I think the games/patriotism/only really interested in Canadian athletes thing is a sign of this. I don't believe if Canada ended up after a World War with the third biggest navy, you wouldn't demand a seat at the table.

    Your's is one of the few blogs I read regularly, via the great Steyn. Thankyou. I don't suppose those dogs at the Spectator ever contacted you. No sign of any changes there since they asked us what we wanted.

  2. Hey, thanks Duncan. You are correct: no one from the Spectator contacted us. I guess there are few who wish to read the ravings of, well, a couple of dumb old housewives.