Monday, March 29, 2010

Ontario police are fairies and wimps.

They get regular guys like Steve Paikin to do their job.
"I think I actually at one point stood between Duncan and the protesters. As did one of our guests, Janet Ecker, a former finance minister. There were two OPP officers in attendance, watching in the wings. But they made no move to intervene, one assumes, because they concluded this was a boisterous protest, but no danger to the minister’s safety… the police, I’m told, were urged not to intervene, lest pictures of demonstrators being hauled off by the cops show up all over YouTube."

Or no one at all.

Several black holes have developed in the enforcement of law in Canada -- stare hard, for instance, at Caledonia, Ont. -- and there have been numerous campus events involving physical intimidation about which nothing was done. Each capitulation makes the next more likely.

Free speech is very nice "in theory." But to exist in practice, it must be enforced.

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