Friday, March 26, 2010

Little People in Big Trouble

After more than 50 years of happy play, the classic Little People are coming under government scrutiny.

It figures that they would be picked on. After all, they're just little people. They probably can't afford a good lawyer. They can't even take up arms. Or legs.

It certainly is sad that a child choked to death on one of these things, but it still seems a bit ridiculous for a government agency to be issuing statements and guidelines about something that anyone with common sense already knows. But anyway, thanks, Health Canada, for arriving breathlessly at the scene half a century after these toys came out to tell us that SMALL TOYS ARE BAD FOR BABIES! If you're going to urge people to throw away every toy that presents a choking hazard to children not in the toy's target age range, the Lego company might as well fold right now.

So, DOH readers, (yes, I'm talking to both of you) if you have any Little People you want to discard, send them to me. I'll take good care of them. I've been wanting one of those castles and besides, I can't bear to think of Garbin (far right in this undated group shot) in the garbage.
P.S. My son tells me that at Grandma's house, the only figures still remaining with our old castle are the Queen and the Knight. How's that for a small-scale tale of chivalry and romance? More evidence that Sir Garbin the Loyal doesn't deserve to end his days at the town dump.

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  1. It is always tragic when a child dies, but parents, please have some common sense. All the deaths attributed to these toys were for children under 3!
    Shall we ban: pork sausages, spools of thread, Jiffy markers, and eight gazillion other items that have a circumference of 2cm or less?