Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DOH and Kolya Witko have something in common

Actually, a lot in common. But we'll start with NOT having a crush on Sarah Polley. Of course, in the case of Mrs. Beazly and myself, we never did. Mr. Witko cites Polley's latest bit of goofy hypcrisy by linking to this story, and adds his own amusing take. (PG13 language warning).
So, I suppose Polley is saying that its okay for her to use corporate dollars to fund her films, but they shouldn't get any credit for it.


The most hilarious thing about Polley's actions are their likely results. By trumpeting her moral outrage and pissily yanking her name from the project, she ensures that far more people know of her involvement in it then otherwise would. Instead of simply being the director of a short film no one would have noticed, she is now the principled ex-director of a short film making headlines for the whiff of corporate greed wafting up. So, not only does the fact that she directed this film get far more publicity, she increases her standing among the moral heavyweights of the age.
Such as Al Gore, Bono, Oprah...
Don't ever get between a girl and her self-righteous delusions--especially with margarine.



  1. The third paragraph states, "The film was commissioned by Becel...."

    When you commission a work, aren't you the one paying for it? And if you're the one paying for it, don't you get to slap your name all over it if you want to?

    Maybe her next film will be called "I Can't Believe It's Not Better".

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Mrs. P. Very much appreciate your traffic.

  3. Kolya, I regret to inform you that an endorsement from DOH will only garner you two more readers.

  4. Ted, you rock. And LOL on the Sarah Polley title, Mrs. B. I usually don't have a hard time believing her films aren't better.