Friday, January 6, 2012

And kiss the feet of God

The story of the Magi has inspired some of my favorite carols. Here's one more: "The Three Kings" by Laurence Housman  is set to glorious music by Healey Willan. This flawless rendition is from "The Mystery of Christmas" by the Elora Festival Singers.

As I begin a new year, I like to think of the kings starting out on that long journey. The shepherds came out of the dark and the cold to see the Christ Child, but the kings were comfortable where they were, and sought Him still. Will we?

"Who knocks tonight so late?"
the weary porter said.
Three kings stood at the gate,
each with a crown on head.

The serving man bowed down,
the Inn was full, he knew.
Said he, "In all this town
is no fit place for you."

A light in the manger lit;
there lay the Mother meek.
This place is fit.
Here is the rest we seek.

Come, come. They loosed their latchet strings,
so stood they all unshod
"Come in, come in, ye kings,
and kiss the feet of God."



  1. Beautiful! Your slide show of our childhood Nativity set almost made me cry. This should be sent to all our siblings. And your message is also dead on: do we who are "comfortable where we are" still seek him?

    Thanks for posting this.

    Oh, and Healey Willan: yet another reason to be proud to be Canadian.

  2. Mrs. P., I think you would love that album.