Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh the joy

Of having not one, but two daughters studying grade 9 piano. That means, of course, twice the Chopin. In your very own house. Live.

Miss P. #3 is working on this valse. I had never before heard it (despite owning at least a dozen or more CDs of Chopin music) and it is very lovely. It was published posthumously.

Miss P. #4 is working on this one. Much better known, the famous "Minute Waltz" (originally titled, according to this video Valse au petit chien).

I like this interpretation by Erez. Most people play this waltz way WAY too quickly and it just sounds horrid and ridiculous, which, of course, Chopin can never, ever be. It is not meant to be played in under  60 seconds. It's minute as in a cute, funny little dog (hence the name) and not MI-NUT as in, 'let-me-impress-you-with-my-Cliffs-of-Insanity-turbo-speed-dog-in-a-blender-pianny-playin' --the videos of which are ubiquitous online an need not be linked to here.

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