Monday, January 30, 2012

And speaking of Lego...

Feminists of the world, GET A LIFE! Or go to Afghanistan and see what you can do about that not-letting-girls-go-to school situation. Oh, I guess it's easier to stay home and pick on Lego.

Fembots up in arms over pink Lego (aka "gender specific marketing"). Hello? This type of marketing always has and always will exist. Pink Lego? My little girls LOVE IT. They also own and love sets with police vans, airplanes, and all that boy stuff. There is girl stuff and there is boy stuff and there's no shame in celebrating it.


  1. For Christmas, we got our 17-yr-old daughter a set of pink tools to take away to college in the fall. Likely those pink-handled screwdrivers and hammer would make a feminist's eyes roll back in her head. I believe those tools will make beloved daughter extremely popular and widely regarded as clever on Ikea-shopping-spree day.

  2. Good on you! Pink tools are better than no tools. I have often wanted to buy those pink/floral handled tools. They look so pretty and are a darn sight better for driving nails than the heels of shoes. Or ruining a butter knife trying to remove screws.