Friday, January 27, 2012

Ten kitchens, 90,000 square feet, and seven children

No, Mrs. P., that's not a summary of all the house plan permutations you've gone through over the last ten years and the persons to be made comfortable therein. This is all about The Queen of Versailles.

Director and photographer Lauren Greenfield:
“I’m not as interested in rich people as I am in our values. I’m interested in consumerism in our culture and how powerful it is.... I’m also interested in social class. And in America, money defines social class.”
 Perhaps this won't encourage any kind of virtue in a dumb old housewife dissatisfied with her 0.43 kitchens and 1100 square feet, but it does sound interesting. And maybe it is a good reminder that to much of the world, even 1100 square feet seems like a palace. Especially if it includes running water... and electricity....


  1. What, no pics of the house? And really, who needs more than one kitchen per family member? Might be an interesting, if profoundly distressing, film.

  2. I meant the article that you linked to. I can't believe they would talk about the house and not even include a picture or two. :)