Sunday, January 22, 2012

And speaking of Mitt Romney

As we were this weekend, when a young friend (of the eldest Miss P) came to visit...

I happened to mention Mod Hair Ken, and even though the young lady had had some Barbie experience in her past, she was (of course) not old enough to remember Mod Hair Ken. So here are a few images to scare you, and to remind Mattel to never, ever think about giving Ken rooted hair again.

This is how he looks in the package:

And for the first week or so, he's kinda groovy

But behold, once he's been played with for any length of time, and left once too often at the bottom of the toybox, the hair goes terribly, horribly WRONG.

Why yes, I do look like Neil Diamond!


Just... no.

Truly the stuff of nightmares: It's the Black Sheep Dog on Rogaine! 

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  1. Are you sure that last one isn't "Taliban Ken", the latest in Mattel's 'Dolls of Diversity' line?