Saturday, March 24, 2012

All things work together for good to those that love God

So the CDN government is cutting funding to the heavily left-wing-Catholic-not-so-much, "we-have-no-policy-on-abortion" D&P. Government should not be in the business of funding charity period, never mind supposedly church-based organizations. Let us ordinary folk keep more of our tax dollars and we'll fund the charity. The worst thing any religious organization can do is start taking handouts from government.

By the by, I am curious to know exactly what percentage of D&P's annual intake goes to The Poor (TM) and what gets gobbled up by the bloated bureaucracy/staff, PR campaigns, union dues and various other overhead costs.
The funding cut has prompted the union representing D&P employees to circulate a 12-page document criticizing Casey and his team for failing to fight the government. 
Methinks the union is less concerned for The Poor than it is for the union.

The article says that D&P's (overseas) partners will be the ones who suffer 'the most'. No ****, Sherlock. This is likely because, staff layoffs aside, D&P will cut funding to projects before they will dismantle their own bureaucrazy (Freudian typo, but I'll leave it). 
Defunding long-term development partnerships and an increased emphasis on emergency relief is distorting the social justice mandate of D&P, according to the union.
“Without a genuine debate, the mission of the organization is being insidiously changed,” said the document
From your lips to God's ears. But I wouldn't use the term "insidiously" --maybe more like "mysterious ways"--Romans 8:28 and all that. Wouldn't it be great if it became a Catholic charitable organization instead of the Che Guevara fan club? Maybe instead of hissy fits, it's time to just let go and let God. He has a way of bringing good out of evil. In the meantime, there are a lot of other worthy Catholic charities our there.


  1. BUREAUCRAZY! I love it. I think it should become a new category round these parts.

  2. I wish they'd let us keep more of our tax dollars for funding schools of our own choosing, too.

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