Friday, March 30, 2012

(On) Crack Reportage

Could this story get any more shaky? Is any of it actually true?
 Sakisheway, however, reiterated the version of events that she had set out in her letter to Toews, paraphrasing what her daughter recalled of Breitkreuz's speech. She asked that her daughter's name not be made public out of concern that she'd be subjected to unwanted attention. She also declined to provide the names of classmates or a teacher who could corroborate her daughter's version of the event.
 Here, according to Sakisheway, are a few snippets of what, according to her daughter, Breitkreuz told the class: "He said he wanted to get rid of the registry because he thinks everyone should have the right to own a gun. If everyone here in Canada carried a gun, it would be safer for people. (The government) should make it easier to access guns so people can protect themselves.'"

Here, according to some lady, are a few snippets of what, according to her kid, someone might have said but which no one else will attest to, paraphrased, or something, and hey, why isn't anyone buying our newspapers anymore?

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