Monday, March 26, 2012

Well, maybe if they're hungry

I tell you: spambots are EVERYWHERE! I'm sick of getting messages from them. Last weekend, I received two requests on Skype from total strangers. The profile pics were of young, attractive women and their messages were nearly identical: "Hi, was looking for people in your area and you look interesting to talk to."

Yah, right. My Skype profile picture shows four loaves of homemade bread.



  1. We keep getting emails asking if "they" can do a guest post on our site. All "they" ask is that we allow them to advertise their dating website.

    I think not.

  2. Well, those are very attractive loaves of bread! I'd be interested in inviting them to tea...

  3. Why, thank you, Tess! I baked them myself. I think the secret is the cast iron and/or clay loaf pans. I just love old-fashioned, inordinately heavy bakeware.