Sunday, March 25, 2012

The cowards

Pursuant to my Reader's Digest Goes Cosmo post of the other day...

I just saw the March issue of the magazine. Here, in its entirety, once again, is the letter I sent them: 
We received Reader's Digest as a gift. I generally enjoy the magazine, but occasionally object to what I consider adult content. The February 2012 issue takes the cake. The cover is ugly (looks like an ad for cold sore medicine) and I'm not impressed with the issue contents: 5 Ways to Boost your sex life; Ask a Sex therapist; Who's Your Daddy.
 Since when did RD turn into Cosmopolitan? We have younger children for whom this type of content is not appropriate. It's too much trouble for me to hide Reader's Digest every month. Recycling it upon receipt is a waste of everyone's money. Save some trees. Please cancel our subscription immediately.

Here, in its entirety, is what they printed: 
Since when did Reader's Digest turn into Cosmopolitan?

Which I'm sure some folks took as a funny joke, instead of a snarky mad-as-hell cancellation. RD bravely chose not to print my request to cancel by subscription. No matter. I have since learned of yet more people who have been affirmed in their decision to stop receiving the magazine.



  1. I guess that's the RD condensed book version of your letter. As they said on "The Simpsons", "Brevity is...wit."

    We are talking about the best of mainstream journalism here, so it's no wonder they couldn't bring themselves to tell the whole truth.

  2. True. RD is, like so many others, Not Waiting for the Asteroid.