Friday, March 23, 2012

"I'll take Jesus Christ for 2000, Alex"

The other day I was testing the youngest Miss Pinkerton (7), who is preparing for First Holy Communion this spring. I have made up some written exams, based on the catechism series we're using (Faith and Life, Ignatius Press--shout out to the one and only Daria Sockey who authored the text we're using this year).

The last question on the exam was multiple choice. "Who is Jesus Christ?" The choices were:
a. the Son of God
b. the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity
c. the Saviour of the whole world
d. a special friend who loves us and wants to live in our hearts
e. all of the answers above

Miss P. chortled confidently and responded as if she were on Jeopardy and about to score on the daily double, "I'll have to take E!"

There are a lot of grown-ups would couldn't answer that question correctly.

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