Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm a little late with posting this, but this year's Kinsmen Telemiracle raised $5.9 MILLION this past weekend. Not bad for a hayseed (*cough*) province of about a million souls. Saskatchewan rocks, isn't that right, uppity folks who live in some other parts of Canada? (You know who you are.)

Say what you will about Telemiracle (some people snark about their overhead, etc.),  the telethon and all who work for it (and donate to it) believe that those who are disabled or seriously ill are persons with dignity, and deserving of help in order to lead fuller lives. The telethon represents the best kind of charity: appeals to individuals and businesses, but doesn’t ask for (never mind demand!) government handouts. And it really does assist people, every day of the year. Good on ya, Kinsmen.

It would be a lot easier just to take handicapped people and gas them to death, but well, only the Third Reich did stuff like that...


  1. That's so cool. Goon on'ya Kinsmen.

    I've just spent the last few minutes following the dubious Kony12 newsfeed from source to source & came upon this little gem of Canadian fundraising effort.
    (keep scrolling down)

    The 80's really were a fashion nightmare, eh?

  2. Thank you for reminding me of "Tears are not Enough": long-forgotten one-hit-wonders dressed in parachutes, with Letterman minion ex-sort-of-not-ever-really-Canadian-at-all Paul Shaffer smack dab in the middle, all wailing and clinging bitterly to their egos and their headphones. 25 years of therapy down the tubes.

  3. And don't imagine that I watched the video with the sound on.