Friday, March 9, 2012

Media War

"My goal is to destroy the mainstream media as we currently know it." 

Breitbart interviewed by the Hoover Institution. Worth the 33:36 minutes of your life, especially if you are interested in media's centrality in the culture war.

Godspeed every man, woman and child who takes up the cause.

Now heading directly to to purchase Righetous Indignation.


  1. I'm certain I speak for your many and devoted followers. Just wondering when you make dinner. I ask this out of abject admiration. PM

  2. It's a fair question: I myself am in awe of gals like Pundette, who keeps up with all the news AND finds time to write lengthy, brilliant, and original commentaries on her site. I'm just phoning it in, since what I mostly post on here is links, or articles I've published elsewhere.

    The lovely thing about my new Mac is its size and portability; it goes where I go. For instance, I set it on top of the toaster oven and run videos WHILE I make dinner or wash dishes (really no need to watch interviews, just listen). I also do a lot of writing throughout the day in fits and starts, interspersed with tutoring the girls (youngest is nearly 8, so my life does not currently include nursing, changing diapers or chasing toddlers). And I have learned never to let an hour (or two) of insomnia go to waste. I also have a fantastic, supportive husband, who is doing dishes this very moment (Saturday morning), not because he feels he has to, but because he wants to.

  3. I wrote the above after 10 a.m., not 8. This blog must be set to Vancouver time. Not even Mr. Pinkerton would get up at 8 on Saturday morning to do dishes.

  4. OH, cool. I am just at the very beginning of this new phase, (youngest 5) and finding it hard to wrap my brain around "free time." I must learn to be less concerned about getting food waste and/or soap bubbles on the keyboard.

    Vancouver Island time. Which is about 25 years behind Vancouver time.

  5. That's why my Mac sits on TOP of the toaster oven (it's clean there) as opposed to the countertops, which are rarely-to-never clean. If I MUST use the keyboard while cooking (it happens on rare occasions), I wash my hands first. :) Can't afford to let this baby get wrecked. It cost most of my annual writing income last year (which says more about my income than it does about the price of a Mac, ha ha).