Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I should read this guy more often

Daniel Hannan. 

Of course, deep down, we Britons knew that there was something bogus about the goody-goody, officious Canada that Mark Steyn calls ‘Trudeaupia’. We remember Canadians as allies on the battlefield. Any British veteran will tell you that, in the two wars, Canadian soldiers had a reputation for grim and terrible courage. Eisenhower used to remark (in private, obviously) that, man for man, they were the finest troops under his command. We, of all people, should be delighted to find them back to their old ways.
I don’t want to overstate things. Canada’s liberal elites have been repulsed, not replaced. They still run the bureaucracies, fill the university faculties and set the dominant media narrative. They can often rely on human rights activists and Left-wing judges to advance the agenda that was defeated at the ballot box.

And so we continue to fight. If you need a shot of courage and inspiration, you can find it here. (Hannan's speech at CPAC)

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