Friday, March 9, 2012

I won a huge lottery prize of charity bonanza!

For which I did not even buy a ticket! Imagine my excitement when I opened my email and read THIS:

We are please to infom you that you have been selected to receive a United Nations
special compensation prize of 2,500,000 dollars as charity bonanza. This is part of the
United Nations program to alleviate poverty from the grass root. to claim your prize
contact our claims officer Mr.Patrick Collins With the informations below:

1.) Full Names...
2.) Home Address..
3.) Home/Mobile Phone...
4.) Sex...
5.) Occupation....
6.) Age...
7.) State of Origen......

Sir.Jan Kubis
(Executive Secretary UN Economic Commission)

No wonder the UN is going broke! Giving out random prizes of  $2.5 million to every Tom, Dick and Harry will certainly relieve the recipients' poverty, but it won't do much to eliminate that "grass root" (hint: try Roundup--generic name glyphosate). And compensation for what? Oh, this is the UN, where you can get money for nothing. 

And does item 7.) mean the (U.S.) State of Oregon, or are they inquiring after the state of Origen, as in the early Christian Alexandrian scholar and theologian? I regret to infom you of this, Sir.Jan, but Origen's current state is, well, dead. 

Sometimes spam can be fun, and this one was certainly a change from "Max Enlargement Pills." 


  1. 8.) Mastercard number
    9.) Mastercard limit

  2. Ha ha, so true. I was really surprised that banking "informations" wasn't requested by Sir.Jan Kubis.