Friday, March 9, 2012

I assume this involves moving to Toronto

Which is partly why I won't be applying for the job. Oh, and also because I'm not qualified. But since my soon-to-be retiring editor sent this to all contributors and subscribers,  I'm posting it here, doing my bit.

Job Opportunity

Catholic Insight is seeking a full-time editor for its monthly magazine. Reporting to the board of directors, the editor will direct, manage and co-ordinate all the writing, supervisory, production and administrative duties. 

Catholic Insight  magazine seeks to enlighten hearts and minds by proclaiming the splendour of truth and the sanctity of life. 


  • Demonstrated competence in writing and editing
  • In-depth knowledge of Catholic theology
  • Commitment to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church
  • Knowledge of historical and current social and political issues in Canada
  • Experience in working co-operatively with others
  • Experience in supervising staff
To apply, please send a cover letter which includes salary expectations and detailed resume, with references, to:

or by surface mail to:

(Private and Confidential)
Board President,
Life Ethics Information Centre,
P.O. Box 625 Adelaide Station, 31 Adelaide Street East,
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2J8

Deadline for submissions April 18, 2012

(I was sorely tempted to add "Willingness to keep Mrs. Pinkerton on as a columnist" to the list of qualifications, but I forbore.)

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