Friday, March 30, 2012

Not that Yahoo News is biased or anything...

But calling the completely, perfectly, and absolutely USELESS penny (an inanimate object, mind you) a "victim"? If only unborn babies were pennies! Maybe scores of schoolchildren would rally to save them.

Canada's one cent coin is set to become a victim of the latest Conservative government budget.

Get real. The penny is a byproduct of history, and it's about time. I suppose the Harper government is also responsible for the loss of the ice-hauling industry. Am I a fan of the current Conservative budget? By no means. They only cut the CBC's funding by 11%. I was hoping for something in the neighbourhood of the high 90's. And I'm willing to bet that MPs' pensions (if they are cut at all) won't be cut as deeply as the pensions of federal employees who actually work for a living, like my crop-researcher hubby.

This is an American video, but it explains quite nicely why the penny is so useless. Good riddance at last!

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