Saturday, March 24, 2012

I think I have to add Michael Walsh

to my list of must-reads. He writes on the U.S. election:
But it’s not just economic freedom — it’s freedom itself. (Santorum is right about this.) Mitt’s running on a “jobs” platform, but there’s a much larger issue at stake than simply “putting America back to work.” What if half of America doesn’t want to go back to work? What if the half that pays no federal income taxes likes the current sponge-and-freeload system? How do you get through to folks who’ve grown reliant on the government man to show them the money? How do you get them down from the Big Rock Candy Mountain, where the handouts grow on bushes and they hung the jerk who invented work?

As He Who Must be Obeyed tirelessly points out, the people (specifically, their attitudes) are the problem.

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