Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An amusing snippet on a quick car trip to Saskatoon for some tedious government business, followed by too many stops for other things. This was on the freeway en route to a mall, after having just bought a bunch of groceries in a horrible warehouse style store:

Mrs. Pinkerton (to Miss P #4): Do you remember that Jane Eyre series that we started watching on Netflix?
Miss P: Yes
Mrs. P: Well, I just saw a DVD of it in the grocery store--for $5!
Miss P: Did you buy it?
Mrs. P: No, Dad wouldn't let me.
Mr. P (indignantly): What?! That's not true! I never said a word about it!
Mrs. P (calmly): I can read your mind.
Mr. P (defiantly): Then what am I thinking right now?
Mrs. P (confidently): You are wishing you could just go home because you're tired and you hate shopping.
Mr. P (sheepishly): OK

End of conversation.

I had an unfair advantage. It's pretty easy to know what the average man in thinking when he's been up since 6 a.m. and he is smack in the middle of a multi-mall shopping jaunt with his wife and teenage daughter.


  1. Ummmm it's $5 Lovie! $5!!! Get one for yourself & one for me too at that price.

    1. It was the 80s version with Timothy Dalton. Do you like that one? And can you watch "our region" DVDs in Oz?

    2. Yeah, Nah. (In Australia, this passes as a somewhat polite 'no thanks')
      I though you meant the latest version, which was ACE!!!

    3. I have lost track already. There was a version of Jane Eyre in theatres lately, wasn't there? Or are you referring to the one with Toby Stephens? I also like the Ciaran Hinds & Samantha Morton version, but it was TOO SHORT. Someone should inform Hollywood: you CANNOT tell that story in under two hours!!

  2. I am so happy I stumbled upon this blog. I am a 20 year old female from Moncton, New Brunswick -- And in 2009 I saw the err of Liberalism and ran as fast as I possibly could.

    Since then, every day seems like an adventure discovering more and more people who think like I do -- Keep up your amazing blog, ladies!!

    1. Welcome, Anonymous! Thanks for the encouraging words. I hope you will always find something here to encourage you, too. Or at least make you laugh.

  3. What store was that? Maybe someone might pick it up for someone's birthday or a hostess gift!

  4. It was the Real Cdn Wholesale Club--the only place where the parents of 7 kids can buy a case of FIFTEEN DOZEN eggs (for colouring and Easter baking...)